Лирика Party Rock Anthem

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Party Rock Anthem по Lmfao подпадает под жанр Pop,General. Он был выпущен на 25 Jan 2011 под лейблом Will I Am / Interscope / Party Rock / Cherrytree. Copyright holded по (C) 2010 Interscope Records.

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Лирика Party Rock Anthem

Featuring: Lmfao


Parry rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And we're gonna make you lose your mind
Everybody just have a good time/We just wanna see you

Shake that

In the club
Party rock
Met a pretty girl
See on the Jack
Now stop
When we hit the spot
Bootty move away
Like she own the block
.. a drink
I got to know
.. gain the money

I'm running to this .. like .. I got that devilish flow
Rock and roll

We party rock
Yeah that's the cool that I am ..to the top
No worry or ....


Every day I am shuffling

Step up fast
And be the first girl .. as Cash
Don't be made now stop
.. is back
More shuffle for us
Please fill up the cup
We just want to see
Now you are home with me
We make it now

Get up get down
Put your hands up to the sound

Get up (repeats)


Every day I am shuffling

Put your (repeats)


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