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Лирика Break Down The Wall

They feed us fear
through TV dinners all year
and we swallow whatever they serve

They spice up the lies
making sure it's suffice
And intentionally striking a nerve

It's just like that
We don't seem to care
They do it every day
turn off the news
I am getting confused
The truth is drifting away

They read us stories
about victory and glory
from good over evil each night

Isn't it great
when you know who to hate,
So much easier to be on our sight

It's just like that
We don't seem to care
They do it everyday
Whether it's treason
Religion or reason
The truth is drifting away

Break down the wall
That narrows my mind
Look for an opening, that's so hard to find
Break down the wall inside my head
Never to build it again

We close our eyes, cover our ears
We see what we see, hear what we hear
Confirmation of opinion
Blame it on the ones we fear


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